Alertpay logo.Making sure you have a good amount of available payout options in PAP4 is essential to making sure your affiliates are happy campers. When I first took a look at Post Affiliate Pro 4 I was a little bit confused on how to add Alertpay as a pay out option to my affiliates. I thought I needed to add Alertpay as a plugin, but thankfully, PAP4 makes it pretty easy to add Alertpay as an option to receive commissions.

So, let’s get to it. Once you’re logged into your PAP4 merchant back office, you’re going to want to go down on the left hand side until you can click on the Configuration tab. After that, go down about four rows until you see the pay out settings section.

Post Affiliate Pro4 pay out options icon.You’re going to want to go ahead and click on the Pay out options icon. Once you’re in the payout options section, all you’ll need to do is click on the Add pay out  option button to set up Alertpay. Give your pay out option a name, how about Alertpay, since that will be the payment method. You will also need to set the order in which it appears to affiliates.

In the fields section you will need to make a code name (I used ap_email in the below example), give it a name and a status of optional. Once you’ve done these things, just save it and you’re good to go.

Post Affiliate Pro 4 - edit pay out option.

Now your affiliates will be able to choose Alertpay as a pay out method in your affiliate program.

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