Computer mouse with a blue dollar sign.I thought I would write about a little tip for those of you out there using pay per click advertising with Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, etc… I’ve learned this web promotion tip not too long ago and have found it to save me a lot of money in my online advertising while gaining me much more targeted traffic in the long run. The trick to it is that you have to be patient with your results.

Here it is:

Do not use a brand name only when promoting a third party affiliate Company with pay per click advertising.

What do I mean by this?

The best way for me to explain this is to go over a keyword I use to promote an affiliate Company online using Google Adwords (I was previously using Yahoo Search Marketing until I found out Google is currently and will probably always be supreme in any type of online advertising).

The brand name keyword that I’ll use as an example is Pre-Paid Legal.

Here are some bad combinations of the keyword Pre-Paid Legal that you will probably not want to use in your pay per click promotions.

  • prepaidlegal
  • pre paid legal
  • prepaid legal
  • pre pay legal
  • etc…

Notice how these keywords, (which are pretty much the same) don’t have any other determining keywords attached along with them.

Why are these keywords bad?

  • Too broad.
  • Not targeted enough.
  • Will get a lot of bad clicks.
  • Will get clicks from people not ready to sign up.
  • Will get clicks from people wanting to cancel their membership.
  • Will get clicks from people simply wanting to log into their back office.

You really don’t want to pay money in clicks for these types of non-targeted customers, do you?

A really cool moral I stand by in using pay per click advertising, (you may want to do the same) is to choose keywords and set up an ad where I almost make it that I don’t want people to click on it.

Really, I’m not kidding.

I really do not want people clicking on my pay per click ads unless they are at least 80% ready to sign up or very interested in what I am promoting online.

With that in mind, let go over keyword combinations for Pre-Paid Legal that are more targeted and won’t get you so many bad clicks to your ad.

  • prepaid legal membership
  • sign up prepaid legal
  • prepaid legal opportunity
  • prepaid legal application
  • prepaid legal california
  • enroll prepaid legal
  • join prepaid legal

Do you see the difference? Pretty simple, huh? By using combinations of the brand name keyword, you have saved yourself from a whole lot of bad non-targeted hits to your pay per click ad which leaves you a whole lot more money in your bank account.

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  1. Coach Hire says:

    I do not know about all these technical things but I use PPC like many other innocent businessmen just to get more business. as long as it brings customers, I am fine. Thanks though for your post.


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