Post Affiliate Pro 4 Logo.I recently went ahead and purchased the latest version of Post Affiliate Pro 4, a.k.a. PAP4, to help aid me in my pursuit to set up an affiliate program for my sign up bonus website.

My original goal was to set up the affiliate program on my own so I could both study and learn new things in php. I decided to wise up and thought to myself, “Why reinvent the wheel when I could simply search for and install a ready made affiliate program that has already been tried and tested”. So that’s what I did.

Don’t worry, I’m not a reseller for Post Affiliate Pro, so I won’t make any money if you decide to sign up on one of my links. I’m simply writing this post to go over my experiences with the affiliate software so you can get another opinion of the product before you make any decisions on a purchase, as long as you didn’t buy Post Affiliate Pro already.

I have to be honest with you, I did a fair amount of research on affiliate software before I went ahead and made a decision. I looked at affiliate programs that were specifically designed for downline builders. I had different ideas on what I could do with the affiliate program and was open minded. For most of the searches I did, Post Affiliate Pro came in at the top. There was only one other competitor in my opinion, and that was the iDevAffiliate software. I didn’t like how they were set up and the iDevAffiliate software even looked a little bit more primitive compared to Post Affiliate Pro, which is probably why I ended up going with Post Affiliate Pro.

Although Post Affiliate Pro does have a network of developers and a community forum where questions can be asked and answered, I found this network to be quite small. Of course, I’m comparing them to other open source communities like WordPress and Simple Machines Forum. We all know Post Affiliate Pro is not an open source software platform, it costs money, which is why it was a lot harder for me to find answers to my questions.

So I went ahead and purchased the affiliate program with no problems. Got the link to download the affiliate software and began uploading it to my server. I can’t remember where I read this, but I could’ve swore someone stated that I could have Post Affiliate Pro up and running in around 20 minutes. Well, they were lying. It took me almost 45 minutes just to upload all the files of Post Affiliate Pro onto my server. I was using GoDaddy, I dont’ know if that had something to do with it, but it really took a long time.

Once I finally had the affiliate software installed, I was quite impressed. Everything looked very professional and well organized, which I like very much! I ended up getting confused with the general affiliate link thing. After doing some research on the subject, I found out that you really don’t need the general affiliate link or the mini site. So I tossed them and replaced it with links to my promotional section and affiliate link.

There are really a lot of features to Post Affiliate Pro. I didn’t mess with any of the core scripts because I didn’t have to. I only changed the look of the affiliate program by adding my logo and made a simple sign up form. I had to purchase action commissions. I originally thought this would be part of the version I bought, but I was wrong. It cost me and extra $19.00 and it works perfectly once set up.

I love how all the e-mail templates are all in one place and easy to edit. Do you know how much time it would take to write all those e-mails if you were to set up and affiliate program from scratch? That’s why I initially decided not to reinvent the wheel.

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5 Comments to “My experience setting up Post Affiliate Pro 4 not too bad”

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  3. Michael says:

    Particularly impressive is the number of linking options available for affiliates, although hard statistics on the success rates of each type of link would be good.


  4. obejason says:

    Glad to hear your experience with Post Affiliate Pro went well. I love the product and recommending it to all my clients.

    Great knowledge bases and live chat for support, too.

    One of the the things you didn’t mention in your article that a lot of people have issues with, however, is the payment integration and affiliate commission tracking. It sounds like you got the action commission set up nicely (I’m presuming it’s a CPM offer), and this does make commission payouts easier. Integrating with PayPal can be a pain in the butt though because you have to use “non-hosted” buttons.


    mywebmastertips Reply:

    Yeah, I use the CPA, not the CPM offer for Post Affiliate Pro, so I haven’t messed around with that too much.


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