logo.I love the WordPress plugin. It works great on two of my other blogs, but on my latest blog, “this one”, it decided not to work. I mean it installed properly and everything. But I was unable to add new custom triggers. After searching the web for a solution, I found none, so this is why I decided to write this post.

After taking a close look at my 2 other blogs, I was able to find out the Pingpressfm WordPress plugin wasn’t working due to the database not being updated properly. Until the developer of the Pingpress plugin fixes the problem, I found an easy fix that will get you up and running in no time by manually updating the database yourself.

First off, you will have to go to your hosting provider and log into your mysqladmin database. Once logged into your blog’s database, go to the wp_options table, then hit the browse button and search for these rows of data.

ppfm_keyVerified ppfm_reverifyKey ppfm_deleteOldSettings ppfm_firstTime ppfm_optionsUpdated ppfm_apiDev ppfm_apiUser ppfm_ellipse

All you need to do is simply change no to yes for all the above. To do this, just hit the edit icon, update it, and click on go for each row of data.

Now find this row of data:


Do not change no to yes for this row. This is what makes PingPressFM only ping out your post the first time instead of every time you make an update to it.

Replace what is currently in that row with this data: (make a back up of the current row’s data first)

active=B(true) label=S(m) type=S(m) both=B(false) description=S (Microblog: 140 Characters Max, No HTML) categories=A() tags=A() format=S([Blog] $subject: $body $slink) active=B(true) label=S(s) type=S(s) both=B(false) description=S (Status Update: 200 Characters Max, No HTML) categories=A() tags=A() format=S([Blog] $subject: $body $slink) active=B(true) label=S(b) type=S(b) both=B(false) description=S (Blog Entry: Unlimited Length, HTML Preserved) categories=A() tags=A() format=S((My Original Blog Post: <a href="$link">$link</a>)\n$body)

Now head over to your WordPress back office. Then go to your PingPressFM plugin settings. You should now see 3 triggers set up. You can now update these triggers to fit your desired needs through the database only. If you attempt to update them in your back office, it won’t save to the database properly.

PingpressFM settings.

So let’s say you want to remove the ugly [blog] from the beginning of Microblog and Status updates. All you have to do in the above code is delete it in the database where it says format=S and it will reflect as so in your WordPress back office.

Note: Very important to make a back up copy of what was previously in your wp-options tables just in case it doesn’t work for you. These are’s standard triggers, so they should work perfectly as long as you have them set up in your account.

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15 Comments to “How to fix WordPress plugin if it doesn’t add triggers”

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  2. Paul says:


    I have the PingPressFM version 2.2.7 and I followed the above steps, but I still can’t create a new trigger.

    Am I missing something?




    mywebmastertips Reply:

    Sorry to hear that. This hack won’t work on every wordpress blog, it worked on 3 out of the 4 I’ve attempted it on and it’s currently still working.

    Also, one more negative is that the author of the plug in has pretty much abandoned it as far as I know. This is not good news and is probably why I had to find a fix on my own and write this blog post.

    One last thing I can think of that will help is if you uninstall your current version and install one version back (2.2.6), check the database to make sure everything matches this post and see if that works.


    Paul Reply:

    Thanks, version 2.2.6 works.

    Referring to the [Blog] thing above, I am not quite sure where the format=S is and what to delete. Can you show more?


    mywebmastertips Reply:

    Oh, all the format=S does is change the output of the message that will be displayed in your pings. It’s up to you on what you want to be displayed.

    Glad you got it working man!


    Sanjay Reply:

    Hi everybody,
    Now i have updated the pinpressfm plugin that work for the latest version of the wordpress. No need to manually change the database configuration. Install simply as before and create your triggers.


    Monty Reply:

    That is great news! Where is it available? The download at shows the version is last updated 2009-5-22. Thanks for your work!


    mywebmastertips Reply:

    Where is what available? The plugin fix is in this blog post. You can download the plugin itself from your WordPress back office.


  3. AK says:

    I have fixed the pingpressfm plugin. Please email me at


  4. I was wondering if this was working or not… I tried installing it but it’s not accepting my api key…


    mywebmastertips Reply:

    Last I checked is that the author of this plug in has abandoned the project. Sorry man :(


  5. its really good plugin thankx for sharing


  6. very good tip it help ful to me thankx for sharing!


  7. Jon says:

    as of now it is not working? working for anyone else with version 3.3.1?


    mywebmastertips Reply:

    I haven’t tried yet, thanks for letting everyone know.


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