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Let’s face it, you can’t just follow anyone on Twitter unless you want to end up following a whole bunch of people that will most likely never follow you back.The list below shows how you can steer clear of this so you’re ratio of followers to who you’re following stay pretty close.

We all know that Twitter is an awesome tool when it comes to building a network of people online and getting traffic to a particular web URL. I never got the whole update status thing though since I use Facebook for doing that anyway.

With Twitter I use as an avenue to get people looking at the web URL in my Twitter profile. Other than that, it really has no other value to me. Another thing that makes Twitter useful is finding other sites to link to online. Everyone I follow, I also try to comment on one of their blog posts getting me a link back to my site for free every time.

We all know how expensive advertising online can be. This makes it even more important that we take advantage of the free ways to get traffic to our websites, don’t you agree?

Now, you have to be careful who you follow on Twitter if you’re looking to keep your ratio of followers to people you are following at least somewhat near the same value.

Who you SHOULD NOT follow on Twitter!

  • People that don’t have a picture in their profile.
  • People that haven’t tweeted very much, 10 or less tweets.
  • People that don’t have a web URL in their profile.
  • People that have way more followers than they are following.
  • People that are following way more people than they have following them back.

Now that we know this, the Twitter users below will be more likely to follow you back.

Who you SHOULD follow on Twitter!

  • People who have pictures and a customized background for their profile.
  • People that have lots of tweets.
  • People that have a web URL, especially if it has a blog of some sort so you can comment at it.
  • People with lots of followers with not too much of a gap between who they’re following and who’s following them.

What is a good way to follow people?

I’m glad you asked. What I do is simple. I look at my current network of people following me and just start going through the list. I try to go through about 20 a day at this point. I won’t follow all of them, but the ones I do follow I’ll try to comment at their blog or becomes friends with them in Facebook as well if it’s available to me. Sometimes I won’t follow a particular person, but instead just leave a comment at their blog because this gives me free traffic as well back to my sites.

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