Simple Machines Forum.I love Simple Machines Forums. They have so many cool features, layouts, super fast and well organized scripts, and so much more that I’m going to have to stop praising SMF for now. The only thing that Simple Machines Forums lack is a few Search Engine friendly principles that are a necessity for SEO optimization.

One of the first non search engine friendly things I can think of off the top of my head is how short the title tag is and how it has an annoying - index after it. Like the search engines really need to know that index stands for home page. The keyword “index” has no search engine value and should be replaced or removed. I’m going to show you an easy solution for this. It may not be the best solution, but using a simple if and else if statement can easily solve your annoying - index page title problem.

I’m going to use one of my Simple Machines Forums as an example.

The first thing you need to do is find your theme’s index.template.php file and copy it from your server to your computer. The reason why you should copy the file from your server to your local computer every time is that different mod scripts can end up modifying that particular file. Copying the file from the server will ensure that you have the most recently updated version of the file.

Once you got that file opened in a text editor, search for the beginning echo statement for the beginning of the document. It will look something like this:

echo '<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html xmlns=""', $context['right_to_left']? ' dir="rtl"' : ", '><head>

All you’re going to want to do is tell the browser if the viewer is on the home page go ahead and show a unique title, keywords, canonical link, etc.. Whatever you want the browser to do. Whenever the viewer is on any other page, the default SMF setting will apply. Here is what I’ve done with my code.

if ($context['page_title'] == 'Sign Up and Make Money Online Forum - Index') {echo ' <title>Sign Up and Make Money Online Forum - sign up bonus sites, business opportunities, free ways to make money, and more.</title> <meta name="description" content="Talk about making money online and various free ways to do so. Things like sign up bonuses, secret shopping, paid to click, paid to read, surveys, seo, traffic sites, and more." /> <meta name="keywords" content="paid to read, paid to shop, secret shopping, sign up bonus, sign up bonuses, seo, traffic sites, sign up and make money, signupandmakemoney, business opportunities, free, ways to make money" /> <link rel="canonical" href="" />';} else {echo ' <title>', $context['page_title'], '</title> <meta name="description" content="', $context['page_title'], '" />', empty($context['robot_no_index']) ? '' : ' <meta name="robots" content="noindex" />', ' <meta name="keywords" content="sign up and make money, signupandmakemoney, php, mysql, make money, business opportunities, free money, secret shopping, bulletin, board, free, open, source, smf, simple, machines, forum" />';}

To do this the way I did, you’ll have to move the description, keywords, and title to one place like above. Now when you’re on your forum’s home page, the annoying – index will be replaced with your own unique title. This is also a good way to keep the title of your forum short, yet you’ll also get the ability to have very descriptive title for your home page.

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8 Comments to “How to remove – index from SMF Forum home page title”

  1. SEOsecrets says:

    thanks for this tips i m happy i have also smf forum now i am benefited from this tips


  2. Thankx for this tip, it was very useful to me.


  3. kamerguy says:

    Thanks for the tip, I just did mine and it was successful.


  4. Tru says:

    Could you be more elaborate please. This did not work for me. Where do I place the code in the index.template.php file


    mywebmastertips Reply:

    Just place it anywhere between the head tags.


  5. cool, and best idea i have ever received


  6. Annie says:

    Thank you for this valuable tips


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