Logo.After over a week of vigorous style sheet hacks I was finally able to come up with a decent looking yet simple new look for I would love to hear your thoughts and/or opinions of the site if you have any at all.

I’m learning new things about web programming and web design all the time. The reason I never made theseĀ  changes a while back was because I didn’t know how to set up my own local server. Once I figured out how to accomplish this it was just a matter of setting up a copy of my site on my local computer. I prefer to use wamp, but there are other free ways to accomplish this besides manually setting up php, apache, and mysql.

My site ( uses third party software such as wordpress, simple machines forum, and affiliate pro 4. It first started out as a simple static html based website. Along with the new look, I also parsed all the html files to act as php files with my .htaccess file. This makes it way easier to update the site. I can make one header for the entire site and only have to make one change verses 70+ changes with my old html files. That’s right, I got a lot of pages on the site.

The reason I made the changes was to make a better user experience at the site. Each section had a different header, width, and footer. Now I can gladly say they all look much like the same site. The other reason I made these changes was to hopefully increase the value of the site. Which I think this will.

I still have many more updates and changes I would like to make to the site. But for now this has been a huge step forward in the right direction as to what I believe the site should look like.

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