Social media bandwagon.As an internet marketer, let’s face it, you always got to be putting yourself out there in order to be seen online. One of the best ways to do this is to take advantage of all the great social media sites out there by simply continuing your efforts to grow your social networks and keep interaction with your social networks.

By doing what any member of a social media site would do, naturally commenting and replying to comments, will get your where you want to be online. Of course you’re not selling anything except for having your main site in your social media profile. That’s it, everything else is natural commenting and interaction to get free traffic to your profile, which in turn will get free traffic to your main site or business.

It’s not rocket science by any means, but it does take a good amount of time and effort on your part. This is why I recommend taking advantage of such social media tasks when you’re bored. Why not? You don’t have to be 100% focused when doing such a thing. You could be watching TV or listening to some music while keeping interaction going in your social networks. Am I right about this or what?

Alright, let’s get straight to the point on some goals you can try to reach while you’re in that state of boredom. A good note to take here is that moderation is always the key to success. This is why I recommend limiting to your efforts to 5 at a time. You can do more a day, but 5 things per social network is actually quite a bit of work if you are legitimately commenting and making friends online.

Here we go!

Make 5 new Facebook friend requests

Go through your Facebook friend’s friends and see who else you know. If you don’t know them all too well, make sure to leave a quick message in your initial friend request to help break the ice. Things like, “I’m a friend of so and so and we both like music.” Doesn’t have to be complex. Go to your news feed as soon as you log in and reply a couple comments as well.

Comment on 5 videos and request friends with 5 people on Youtube

This doesn’t take very much time and it’s always a whole lot of fun to watch neat videos at Youtube. I can almost guarantee you that every person that accepts you as a friend will check out your profile. This will get traffic to your videos, which will then hopefully lead them to your website.

Follow 5 people on Twitter

Go through people you’re already following and see other Twitter profiles that have the same niche as you. Become a follower, then you will get exposure to your site. I don’t like using programs and scripts to build my Twitter network, instead, I prefer to do it the old fashion way.

Comment on 5 blogs in your niche

Simply do a Google search and find similar blogs to yours and submit natural comments and actually take the time to really find out what the blogger is writing about. Make sure to only comment on blogs that take a name and url so you can always get a link back to your site as well as most likely having the owner of that blog definitely take a look at your site. You know they will too, blog owners don’t want to link to bad sites, so they will take a quick look at your site. I know I do.

Do 5 forum posts or replies

If you’re not already a member of some forums, you definitely should be. Forums have always been a good way to get traffic and links back to your sites. Just make sure you fill out a simple signature in your forum’s profile area for everyone you’re a part of. Then just naturally reply to people’s posts and people will see your site, you will get traffic from this. You’ll at least get a hit from the person that started the topic in the first place. Starting your own unique topic will get you even more traffic.

Do 1 blog post for the day

Constantly getting unique content out on the world wide web will always give you free targeted search engine traffic. I try and make it a goal to do at least one blog post a day because I know over time every one of these blog posts are getting me visitors to my sites and at the same time I’m helping people find information on the web.

I know that was a lot of information. Now, I mentioned doing these things when you’re bored online. Now imagined if you made these things a daily endeavor. Think about how much traffic this would generate, over time, to your main website(s).

Well, let’s take a look, shall we?

With 365 days in a year, you’ll end up with results similar to these:

  • 365 unique blog posts and pages to your site.
  • 1,825 forum posts and replies, your link will be on all of these.
  • 1,825 blog comments on other peoples sites, your link will be on theirs.
  • About 1,825 new Twitter followers, if they follow you back.
  • 1,825 comments on Youtube with link to your profile plus the friends.
  • About 1,825 new friends on Facebook.

I know it is almost impossible to accomplish these kinds of results in our busy lives, but a little bit everyday can and will add up. I don’t waste my time with smaller social networks either. In my mind, the 3 social networks you should put your time and effort into building are Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. I see the most potential with these 3.

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