I know what you’re thinking, I must have some scheme or I’ve been paid by Go Daddy to write this article. Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m just writing this post to share my opinions of Go Daddy. I have been a Go Daddy customer for over 2 years now. I’ve done my research and […]

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If you’re like me and added a Simple Machines Forum to a pre-existing website that is already grounded with a www prefix, then you might have some trouble while installing the Pretty URL mod for your SMF forum. The problem I had was that all the urls worked perfectly fine except for the board and […]

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Greg London on August 1st, 2009

I once got caught in the hype that having your entire website being without tables and all css styling instructions being in a separate file would help the search engines crawl my site better. While having all your styling information in a separate style.css file does help your website’s overall code cleanliness and makes it […]

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