Cartoon man writing with a pen.Being a web designer is so much fun and challenging. I just recently caught myself focusing a lot of time on re-designing a music website of mine. This is why I decided to write this blog post. No matter how much fun it is to update and tune up your website to look like perfection, the thing that really matters is content when it comes to getting organic traffic from the search engines and a good amount of repeat visits from subscribers from your site or blog.

I mean, your website or blog can only look so good. Believe me, I’ve seen some really impressive looking sites out there and I absolutely love to look at them, but a lot of them lack content in my opinion. As long as your website looks very well organized and well spaced, your content should be the main focus of the site.

It’s hard for a web designer or programmer to stop working on code and instead focus on getting good, quality content out to the worldwide web. I really don’t have an answer to this problem. I mainly just wanted to write this article as a friendly reminder to take a break from the code and and just be satisfied with what you got. You know what they say,

“Content is king!”

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  1. i really love to make web design ! nice post thankx for the sharing


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