IE6 - Internet Explorer 6 coffee mug that says, "damn you".Oh yes, I said it, good old Internet Explorer 6 (IE6). Don’t you just love that this obsolete browser is not only still around but that people are still actually using it? Fortunately, I do have some good news for you about why you really shouldn’t care whether or not Internet Explorer 6 renders your site properly or not.

Even though the crappy browser is still being used, it’s not being used by individuals per say, but by Government and other networked entities that still use the old Windows framework to keep all their systems networked.

The reason why this is good is because Government and private employees are not supposed to be browsing websites unrelated to getting their work done anyway. This means the likely hood of your website even being seen by this small percentage of people is pretty slim to begin with.

Even individuals of third world Countries aren’t using Internet Explorer 6 anymore. It’s so easy for individuals to upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer, but like I said before, it’ not so easy for a Government entity that is still using the old Windows network to get so easily upgraded.

A large majority of us hate Internet Explorer 6 and the entire series of Internet Explorer browsers in general because of their strict conformance rules on w3c css and such anyway. One of my biggest pet peeves about Internet Explorer in general, even though it’s still the super power when it comes to Internet browsers, is the fact that they still haven’t conformed with the border-radius css rule that automatically rounds all corners to make your site look really cool without images.

Anyway, back to my point. I would only focus your efforts on making sure your sites work in the latest and greatest browsers and totally forget about Internet Explorer 6 all together. It’s just not worth the time for the low amount of traffic you’ll get from that particular browser.

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